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Protecting Your Rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act in Florida, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico & New York

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), passed in 1990, protects disabled individuals from discrimination in all aspects of public life, including in the consumer marketplace. In other words, businesses of all types and sizes, ranging from mom-and-pop shops to national and international corporations, are prohibited from discriminating against any individual, employee or consumer, on the basis of disability.

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Rights Outlined by the ADA

In 2009, changes were made to the ADA to broaden the definition of “disability.” Generally speaking, anyone who has a physical or mental impairment—or a history of such an impairment—that “substantially limits” normal day-to-day activities/life is considered “disabled” under the ADA.

The ADA is broken into five parts, or “titles.” They include:

  • Title I: Known widely as the Equal Employment Opportunity for Individuals with Disabilities, this title prohibits employers from discriminating against disabled individuals during the hiring process. The title also mandates that employers must provide reasonable accommodations for disabled applicants/employees.
  • Title II: This title applies to discriminatory practices by local and state governments and all entities operated under or under the jurisdiction of such governments, including municipal transportation, architectural structures, and more.
  • Title III: Title III of the ADA prohibits “public accommodations” from discriminating against individuals with disabilities. Examples of public accommodations include hotels and resorts, restaurants, gyms and health clubs, movie theaters, retail stores, and similar spaces.
  • Title IV: Under Title IV, telephone and online companies must provide services to accommodate individuals with hearing, speech, and/or vision disabilities. This is known as “telecommunications compliance” and is overseen by the Federal Communication Commission.
  • Title V: The last title of the ADA, Title V, deals with miscellaneous issues regarding consumer rights and individuals with disabilities, including how the ADA relates to other state and federal laws and issues of retaliation, coercion, insurance benefits, attorneys’ fees, and more.

A simple, real-world example of an ADA compliance violation would be a public restroom that does not have a handicap stall or a two-story retail store that does not have a handicap-accessible elevator. Another example would be a commercial website that does not meet ADA compliance in the form of accommodating the vision/hearing-impaired.

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