Non-compete agreement

New Report Claims 36 Million Workers Are Bound by Noncompete Agreements

A new report issued on December 10, 2019 indicates that nearly 36,000,000 Americans working in the private sector have signed a non-compete agreement limiting their ability to leave their job for a new one. Non-competes have expanded into industries where there is virtually no legitimate business interest to be protected. Employers who impose unreasonable geographic and temporal limits on an employee’s ability to work elsewhere inadvertently cause widespread abuse of non-compete agreements in states like Florida that have traditionally enforced these types of agreements.

In order to enforce a non-compete agreement, an employer must demonstrate that they are protecting a legitimate business interest, and they must also demonstrate non-speculative harm that will arise from the employee engaging in work that violates the terms of the non-compete agreement. If you are an employee facing a non-compete issue, please contact USA Employment Lawyers today!

USA Employment Lawyers Is Here to Help with Your Non-Compete Agreement

At USA Employment Lawyers, we believe in equal pay and equal treatment, even after you’ve left a company. If your non-compete agreement has unfairly prevented you from seeking work elsewhere, we want to help you fight the terms of your contract.

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