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A class action lawsuit is filed by an individual representing a significant group of people who have identical or similar issues or injuries. That person is considered the class representative. A class representative is an individual who has been harmed, believes others have experienced similar monetary injuries from the same action, possesses a desire for that action to end, and wishes they and their fellow class members be remunerated for any monetary damages incurred by the wrongful actions. This class representative will, as the name would imply, help represent the suit as a lead plaintiff.

If you believe you are in a scenario that fits the above description and wish to explore becoming a class representative in a class action, your first step should be contacting our class action attorneys in Rockford, IL. We can evaluate your case, determine if a class action or collective action is warranted, and strategize on how to achieve a favorable outcome.

If you have questions about class actions and whether one might be warranted in your case, call (800) 483-0998 or contact our Rockford, IL class action attorneys online. Se habla Español.

Our Class Action Law Firm Is Ready to Help

We can help you with numerous types of class actions, including:

If you believe you have been the victim of one of the above circumstances, contact us to speak with a Rockford, IL class action lawyer and about your options. If we determine a class action is warranted, you can choose to become a “representative” who brings the case on behalf of a greater number of people suffering similar damages.

Can I Get Fired If I Participate In a Class Action Lawsuit Against My Employer?

Federal law safeguards you against retaliation from your workplace if you take part in a class action lawsuit against them for alleged wage and hour violations or workplace discrimination.

Why Choose Class Action?

With a successful individual lawsuit, you win recourse for damages you have incurred. A class action, however, objects to a company’s broader, systemic behavior, the illegal actions that negatively affect many lives. As a result, a successful class action suit makes a large financial impact on a company and has a greater likelihood of reforming the offending practice(s).

How Much Does a Class Action Cost?

At USA Employment Lawyers, we will take the case on a contingency fee basis. That means there are no fees to you or any of the class members until the case is successfully resolved.

Our law firm will devote time, money, resources, and expertise to the class action complaint on behalf of the representative and the class party to the lawsuit. We risk the possibility of not getting paid for a tremendous amount of work. That is why we will only go forward on claims that we believe will ultimately prevail. When we receive a victory, our Rockford, IL class action lawsuit attorneys will request an award for our expenses and fees from the court, the final amount of which is at the judge’s discretion.

What Is Required of a Class Representative?

As we mentioned above, a class representative is not responsible for paying for any court or filing fees to bring a class action suit. If you become a class representative, you will likely have to provide documentation and testimony supporting your claim(s). Our legal team at USA Employment Lawyers will assist and advise you, and you may be responsible for helping make key decisions as the case proceeds. If the class action is successful, it is within the courts discretion to award you a “class incentive fee”, which is additional compensation in recognition of your elevated efforts.

Do you and a group of employees need to file a class action lawsuit? Call USA Employment Lawyers or dial (800) 483-0998 for a free case evaluation.

How Does A Class Action Lawsuit Work?

When a group of people files a putative class action lawsuit against a defendant, a class action lawsuit is officially started. A putative class action means that it is filed on behalf of unknown plaintiffs by the initial plaintiff. A class action lawsuit may start when a group of people files it, but the court must certify if the case is truly a class action lawsuit.

The initial group will represent the whole class action group if the class is certified, and the matter will proceed as a class action lawsuit. If the court does not certify the case, it is usually because it is not complete, which means that there could be more potential plaintiffs that will join the class.

One person, or plaintiff, may file a class action as a putative class action, but there must be a considerable amount of people who wish to be members of the class as well, so much so, that it would not be practice for each plaintiff to have their own individual claim. In addition, all of the plaintiffs must also have facts or questions of law in common with the other class members.

How Long Does a Class Action Take?

If our lawyers determine a class action is warranted based on our thorough review of the facts of the case and the relevant laws, a first step generally involves a preliminary letter sent to the offending business requesting the wrongdoing be addressed and the victims compensated. If the company is unwilling to cooperate, we will file a lawsuit with the class representative registered as the lead plaintiff.

Throughout the legal process, our Rockford, IL class action attorneys will work with the opposition to find some sufficient compromise which will provide compensation for those party to the suit. Otherwise, depending on if the claim is filed in state or federal court, class action lawsuits can take anywhere from several months all the way up to multiple years to resolve in court.

How Much Do You Get From a Class Action Lawsuit?

How much a person receives from a class action lawsuit depends on the settlement offer and what the presiding judge decides is adequate compensation. After the class action lawsuit is settled, the settlement amount is divided. Depending on their participation in the lawsuit, the lead plaintiff should receive their percentage of the settlement first. Attorneys also receive a percentage of the settlement, however, courts usually restrict what they get to a reasonable amount. The rest of the settlement amount is then divided among the rest of the class members. Unfortunately, the class action settlement will not be divided evenly -- the lead plaintiff will most likely receive a bigger portion because they usually have more serious damages.

If you are the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit, the amount of money you receive will depend on several factors such as:

  • How many lead plaintiffs are involved in the suit
  • How many plaintiffs are injured
  • How many total class members are taking part in the lawsuit

If you are a class member who is taking part in the suit and do not have any injuries or evidence to support the claim, it is possible that the amount you receive will be small even if the suit settled for millions of dollars. However, it is worth joining the class action to pursue compensation for your damages.

Let Us Help Determine If Your Case Demands Class Action

At USA Employment Lawyers, our class action lawyers in Rockford, IL pride themselves on offering clients the personal service they deserve, and we are prepared to apply our experience and knowledge of class action law to your benefit. We serve clients throughout the states of Illinois, Florida, New York, Colorado, and New Mexico. If you have been wronged and suspect others may be in a similar position, reach out to our team for a free case evaluation.

Contact us online or dial (800) 483-0998 to speak to a Rockford, IL Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer on our legal team today.

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