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Illinois Tipped Employee Wage Laws Explained

Like many states, Illinois has specific laws governing wages for employees who receive tips. Tipped employees often work in the service industry, where gratuities constitute a significant portion of their income. Illinois has established regulations to govern how tipped employees should be paid to ensure fair compensation.

Tipped employees in Illinois are entitled to a minimum cash wage lower than the standard minimum wage. This practice is known as the tip credit system, and it allows employers to take credit for a portion of the tips received by their employees against the minimum wage requirement.

What you need to know about Illinois' tipped employee wage laws:

  • If a tipped employee does not make up the difference between the lower wage ($7.80/hour) and the state minimum wage ($13/hour) in tips, the employer is responsible for making the difference.
  • The tip credit only applies to hours the employee works for tips. If a bartender spends six hours of an eight-hour shift mixing drinks and receiving tips and two hours of that shift cleaning, the employer may only claim the tip credit for those six hours.
  • An employer may require "tip pooling," in which all tipped employees contribute a percentage or portion of their tips to a total pool divided amongst all employees. If an employee is obligated to pool his or her tips, he or she must still receive the full minimum wage.
  • Employees cannot be required to distribute his or her tips to other employees who do not usually make tips. This includes cooks, dishwashers, employers, and, in some cases, managers and/or supervisors.

The laws regarding tipped wages and the rights of tipped employees in Illinois can be very complex. Arguably, the most important thing for both employees and employers to remember is that tipped employees must receive at least the Illinois state minimum wage of $13.00 per hour, whether the employer pays it or the difference made up in tips by the employee.

FLSA and Tipped Wage Protections

In addition to state laws, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal statute that sets standards for minimum wage, overtime pay eligibility, recordkeeping, and child labor. Tipped wage laws are also addressed under the FLSA, providing additional protection for employees.

Under the FLSA, employers must inform tipped employees of the tip credit provision, and employees must be allowed to retain all of their tips unless there is a valid tip-pooling arrangement. Our team of employment lawyers has a deep understanding of the FLSA and can guide employers and employees through the federal regulations that may impact tipped wage practices.

Maximize Your Earnings with Illinois Tip Credit Laws

As previously mentioned, the tip credit allows employers to pay tipped employees—such as restaurant servers, bartenders, and hotel workers—an amount that is less than the state's minimum wage. The reason is that the employee is expected to make up the difference in tips. Businesses in Illinois get a 40% tip credit, so the tip credit is $7.80/hour plus tips.

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Navigating tipped wage laws in Illinois requires a nuanced understanding of state and federal regulations. At USA Employment Lawyers, our experienced legal team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to both employers and employees in Rockford. Whether you seek guidance on compliance with Illinois tip credit laws or need assistance with FLSA regulations, our Rockford tipped wage lawyers are here to help.

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