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What Is a Whistleblower Claim?

Employees who suspect or have knowledge of their employers partaking in illegal conduct are allowed to expose this unlawful activity. Different protections exist for public, private, and federal employees but, in general, whistleblowers are protected from employer retaliation by law. In other words, your employer cannot punish you—whether by firing, demotion, or another retaliatory action—if you file a whistleblower claim exposing illegal employer activity.

If you believe your employer is participating in unlawful conduct, it is important that you discuss your legal rights with an attorney prior to making a claim. Depending on the type of employment you have, there are various steps you must take when filing your claim to ensure that you are protected by Florida’s whistleblower laws. The Fort Lauderdale whistleblower expert attorneys at USA Employment Lawyers can assist you in filing a whistleblower claim. We can also help you if you believe your employer has retaliated against you for filing such a claim.

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Legal Protections for Whistleblowers

Both public and private sector employees are protected from retaliation under Florida whistleblower laws. Fla. Stat. Ann. § 112.3187 of the Florida Whistleblowers Act provides general protections for public employees while the Florida Private Sector Whistleblower Act Fla. Stat. Ann. § 448.102 protects private employees. Additionally, whistleblowers are further protected by federal law.

Under these laws, whistleblowers are protected from employer retaliation, which can take the form of:

Regardless of the industry in which you work or the type of employment you have, you have the right to report unlawful employer conduct without the threat of retaliation. If you are facing retaliation as a result of filing a whistleblower claim, reach out to our team today to learn more about your legal options.

Types of Whistleblower Claims

Any time an employee suspects or has knowledge of his or her employer conducting illegal activity or taking part in unlawful practices, the employee may file a whistleblower claim exposing this activity. In cases involving private employees, the statute of limitations or time you have to file a claim is two years from the date that alleged illegal activity was discovered or from the date of wrongful termination. For public employee whistleblower claims, the statute of limitations is typically much shorter.

There are several relatively common types of whistleblower claims. These include:

  • Health care fraud
  • Financial industry fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Construction contract fraud
  • Public works fraud
  • Military/defense contractor fraud
  • Claims involving federal and state false claims acts

USA Employment Lawyers can assist you with all types of whistleblower and retaliation claims. Our attorneys are extensively experienced in this particular area of law; we understand the complexities involved in such claims and are prepared to help you navigate the process quickly and effectively.

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